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  • Won't you register a domain for me?
  • Yes, we will do this as a favor for our less-technologically inclined customers. That way we can take care of any issues promptly. If we are the billing contact, we get notified before domains expire and can pay fees on behalf of our customers.

    Many customers want to register their own domains with a registrar of their choice. That is best for customers who understand how that all works. However, if we are not listed as a contact on a domain, we have no way to know if there are problems. Therefore, all customers who manage their own domain registrations please understand that means you are responsible for all aspects of your domain registration on your own. If you prefer this way, please use these name servers for .com, .net, .biz and all domains (except .org):

    .COM and .NET and all non-.ORG domains use:
    dns1.m13.net - required
    dns2.m13.net - required
    dns3.m13.net - suggested
    dns4.m13.net - optional

    .ORG domains only:
    ns1.dns13.org - required
    ns2.dns13.org - required
    ns3.dns13.org - suggested
    ns4.dns13.org - optional

    The biggest threat to domain registrations today is when a registration is allowed to expire.

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